5 Steps To Nailing a Sales Call


The truth is most saleseople talk way too much! And when salespeople are too busy talking, they stop listening and deliver way too few customers as a result. But that doesn't have to be the case; here are 5 tips to nail a sales call.


1- Have a Goal To Add Value!

Approach the sales call like a real conversation. Calling is not just a numbers game- quality has to matter. Take a deep breath before you press dial and remember they are people on the other end of the line- not objects- and think of ways you can get them talking, especially about themselves. The key to being able to tell your prospect what they need, is to let them talk and then determine ways to add value to the conversation. Listen closely so that when you do speak, it will be adding value into the conversation.

2.  Know What You Want!

Do your research and know who you are about to speak with, and then make a quick list of things that you want to learn and find out on that first call. Spend time looking at their company to find out if what you are offering is something that they indeed need.  Ask key exploratory questions that would excite the person on the other line.  Practice using phrases that include the words “would you”.  For example:  what would you like to do about it?  what would you think if your conversation rates looked like this? how would you go about…?  Know what you want from them before you ever pick up the phone.

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3. Destroy the Memorized Script! 

Be real and approachable.  Now I’m not saying go into the conversation and fly by the seat of your pants. Do your homework and write an outline of key points that you want to discuss, as well as key questions that will help you get to the pain point. Once you have listened and identified what the prospect really needs, then the opportunity to share your company's solution will open up naturally. Too many times in a sales calls, the goal seems to be to have your pitch heard - but they have already mentally hung up the phone before you ever finish talking. Don't take this approach; be natural, and conversational.

4. Engage with Real Stories!

As you listen carefully and provide genuine conversation, you will build trust and rapport. People tend to buy from people they like and trust. Stories are a central piece to life that brings people from all walks of life together on common ground. Connections begin through sharing short stories and humor, but make sure those stories motivate and contribute to the point you are trying to make. One key thing to remember is to manage your time well so that they feel they aren’t giving away more than what they are getting from you.

 5. Answer Any Potential Objections! 

Before you ever make the call, come up with a list of objections that the prospect may ask & identify possible answers to those objections.  Being ready for an objection, even if you don't have a clear answer at the time, will drastically determine the direction of the rest of the conversation.  Although they can be frustrating, objections can also be a great opportunity for you to use your expertise to influence a qualified prospect's decision to buy.

All great sales reps know that the sales call is just the first step in building a long lasting relationship with a client. So use this list to get prepared for your next round of calls and here's to more business!

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