6 Qualities That Define a Successful..


Maybe you're a sales manager, recruiter, or a sales rep yourself. Whatever role you're in, one thing's for sure - great salespeople definitely drive the business forward. So what are the qualities that make one salesperson stand out from the rest? And how can you hone and develop qualities so that you are creating value and revenue for your company? Start with this list of traits that anyone can practice and set yourself apart from everyone else!

1. Listens

Nobody likes a person who chatters on incessantly, especially when it's a sales rep talking about how great their company is. Instead, work on your listening skills and really pay attention to what your prospects and leads are saying. If you're truly paying attention to what they are saying, and what they are not saying, you'll have a better picture of the whole story and be able to make valuable recommendations that fit what your potential customer is looking for. Instead of thinking about what you're going to say when the person is finished, try to focus on 2-3 key points that they mention while speaking. Then when it comes time for you to talk, recount those key things for the person. They'll be impressed that you were paying attention - which is something people rarely do nowadays!

2. Proactive

Don't wait around for someone to tell you what to do - be proactive and take the first step! The best sales reps know that nobody is looking over their shoulder and giving them a to-do list; they are doing it on their own and are being proactive about their sales success. A great sales rep will take initiative and look at where they are succeeding, and also where they are not, and focus on what they need to do to go above and beyond their quotas. They don't wait for direction - they take the first step!

3. Driven

While nobody likes a cut-throat coworker, there is something to be said for healthy competition. A unifying quality of all great sales reps is that they are driven to success and are not only competitive with others, but with themselves. They are driven to be the best they can be, and often set goals for themselves beyond their standard quotas. And they usually foster this dynamic spirit with their teammates, which encourages everyone to do better and be better. Having a driven and motivated player on your team increases the success of everyone since this star sales rep sets the bar pretty high for performance and fosters that competitive spirit.

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4. Approachable

Of course, we all know that sales people are outgoing, talkative, and seem to have no fear of chatting it up with strangers, but do people feel comfortable approaching you? The best salespeople are approachable and people instantly feel at ease when they're talking to them. Why does this happen? Well part of it is like we mentioned earlier, being a good listener, but there's also an element of truly connecting with your prospects, leads, and customers that sets the great reps apart from the crowd. Data from Market Magnet shows that whether you are in your first year or a veteran sales rep, the most successful reps have the sales IQ of a "relationship builder", versus the "straight shooter" or the "charmer". So when you're out there at your next networking event, remember to make yourself approachable and really connect with people instead of going straight for the sale.

5. Humble

The best and most successful reps are usually the ones winning the prizes and awards for their stellar performance, but you will rarely see them flaunting their accolades around the office. What they do instead is accept the award graciously and then revisit the plan that they took to get there, while thanking the people that helped them along the way. Being humble doesn't have to be seen as a weakness; what truly defines humility is the ability to keep one's accomplishments in perspective. Celebrate your successes, but then get back to work and use the lessons you've learned to become even better the next quarter!

6. Adaptable

There's a reason that the book "Who Moved My Cheese?" is one of the most read business books, in fact you may have received a copy from an old boss! Change is inevitable. And the salespeople who know this and adapt to change are the ones who are most likely to be successful. Everything from sales territories to sales quotas, or client needs to marketing campaigns can change from day to day, so a sales rep who can quickly adapt has a much higher chance of success than the guy who stays stuck in the old way of doing things. Don't reject change if you want to be a top player. Instead, understand why the change is taking place, and do your best to adjust your sales plan and daily activities to this new system.

So if you want to become the best, figure out what qualities you need to work on, get a coach or mentor to develop these areas with you, and then watch your performance and sales soar!

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