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Dan Birch

Oct 23

[Help Guide] - Reach a Bigger Audience on Twitter in 15 Minutes


Twitter is a highly effective tool for identifying leads and driving better traffic to your website. Increasing your Twitter followers will lead to a broader online presence, but it can also be a vital tool for business development. Focusing on the right followers and paying attention to your followers can really help any business learn and grow.

Here are four important strategies to help..

Oct 20

Here are Our 3 Biggest Predictions for SEO in 2016



SEO in 2016 is expected to bring some major changes. The SEO world is always jumping over hurdles and we're always trying to stay ahead of trends. It's no surprise that Google is focused on putting the SEO world on their heels to make up for a lot of trashy SEO work being done by websites. Here are three factors to consider for SEO in 2016.


Mobile Keeps Growing

2015 was a big year with the ..