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Sarah Taylor

Mar 08

The Do's & Don'ts of Twitter for Business


If you want your business to be well-represented on social media (and who doesn't these days?), make it a point of getting a Twitter account set up soon. You'll be able to keep on top of business trends, industry news, and share your own business ideas with the world.  Here's some compelling stats:

  • Over 75% of Twitter users follow small businesses to get product updates (
  • Half of..
Mar 02

How To Get a 5-Star Rating Every Time!

In a world of likes, stars, and double-taps, there's no shortage of ways for people to share a customer service rating with the world. For better or for worse!

So what are some of the things that you can do to ensure that every customer walks away wanting to give you a great customer service rating? Excellent service, a superior product, and a personalized experience are just some of the ways..

Mar 01

The C-Suite Guide to Social Media

You can't underestimate the power of social media today. No matter what business you're in, it's important that you know the lingo and the basics of the social media platforms being used by billions of companies all over the globe. Right here in the U.S., Americans spend an average of 9 hours engaging with digital media. Wow! Even if you don't have your own personal accounts on these channels,..

Feb 29

How to Repurpose Content to Save Time

Wouldn't it be ideal if all of the content we spent oodles of time on could be everything to everybody? Well the social media universe is so diverse that marketers need to come up with content to reach a wide variety of people on different channels, making our jobs pretty time-consuming sometimes. But what if there was a way to repurpose content to make your job easier? Like turning that awesome..

Feb 24

The Art of Asking Survey Questions

As marketers, we use surveys with focus groups to learn more about a potential campaign, with our customer database to find out how to make product improvements, and with our social media fanbase to test what types of messages resonate with our target audience. But what happens when you spend time administering a survey only to pore over the data to find out that it doesn't tell us anything new?..