How to Repurpose Content to Save Time


Wouldn't it be ideal if all of the content we spent oodles of time on could be everything to everybody? Well the social media universe is so diverse that marketers need to come up with content to reach a wide variety of people on different channels, making our jobs pretty time-consuming sometimes. But what if there was a way to repurpose content to make your job easier? Like turning that awesome Youtube tutorial into a blog post or vice-versa?

Well here's a few ideas to get you started on repurposing content to save you time, and of course money!

1. Information articles into Q&A

Did your company just publish an awesome series of informational blog posts that are really resonating with your readers? Well to capitalize on that positive response, turn these blogs into a Q&A session with someone from your team. Host a live session where prospects can hear answers to their questions, or record a podcast with this same information. You're not creating anything from scratch, just using your old content in another platform. This is also a way to catch more prospects that might not want to sit down and read a blog post, but will listen in to a podcast while they're on their morning run.

First, you'll want to use your reporting tools to find out which blog posts are really resonating with your audience. Choose a few of your best performing posts. Then decide on what format works best and highlight some FAQs that are relevant to those blog posts. You can even use readers' comments to help you gauge what questions to cover.

2. Read about it!

You know those super-popular blog posts we mentioned before? Repurpose content that fall under the same theme or speak to the same buyer persona, and turn it into an ebook. You can use your ebook as a CTA to gain more prospects after they download the info, or you can even send it to your current customers in an email newsletter. People always love getting new stuff, and if you can provide something of value that they can use that instant - perfect!

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3. SEO to go, please!

Maximize your old content and give it an SEO boost. No matter what changes Google makes to algorithms and formulas, good ol' keyword research and rankings can bring you more traffic, and ultimately customers. Repurpose multiple pieces of content around the same topic so that you can generate additional opportunities to focus on a desired keyword. Also, when you promote your repurposed content outside of your site, you can receive quality links back to your site with the added bonus of controlling the anchor text in the link. Amplifying your content marketing efforts with SEO is still a great way to repurpose content and maximize those keywords in your posts.

4. Get visual

You know all of those stats, numbers, and success stories from your latest blog posts? Put your graphic designers to work and turn all of that information into a pretty infographic! Did you know that over two thirds of the population are visual learners? And visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text? Well now you do, so get started on repurposing content from some of your old blogs into visuals that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social media channels your company uses.

And no matter what content you're putting out there, whether it's new or repurposed, always remember to provide value and speak the language of your buyer personas so that they keep coming back for more!New Call-to-action