Apr 04

4 Tips To Craft the Most Intriguing Email Subject Lines

The subject line of an email is almost more important to craft than the email itself.  It's fact - 33% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.  The subject line is what tells the recipient that the email is worth opening or not.  You will want to craft a few subject lines and test them out to see which ones gives you the best open rate.

Either way, there are many ways to..

Mar 28

The Do's & Don'ts of Pinterest for Your Business

If you've recently decided to use Pinterest to market your business - awesome! You'll be joining the 100+ million pinners out there in the social media universe. And almost half of these Pinterest accounts are from outside the U.S.; good to know if you're trying to market internationally.

But how do you get your pins to stand out from the rest? What can you do with your boards to ensure that..

Mar 16

What You Need to Know about Using Google Plus for Business

Google Plus was established in the beginning of 2013 as the second largest social network in the world, having over 500 million users. However, it seems that this social network and its benefits are often overshadowed by social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. But using Google Plus for business can be a great tool to add to your marketing campaign since it is used by many influential..

Mar 15

Instagram for Business: Our Quick Guide

Contrary to what you may know about Instragram; it's not just for fashion bloggers and food pics. This photo-sharing app has millions of businesses using it to promote their products and brand voice every second of every day. There's companies focusing on everything from in-home entertainment to education, and travel brands to sports beverages. Still wondering if it's really that popular? Here's..

Mar 14

Considering Pinterest for Your Business? Here's Our Top Tips

Now in its sixth year, the popular visual bookmarking tool known as Pinterest is catching on as a useful and efficient way for companies to gain new customers. Known as a discovery, sharing, and storage tool for both consumers and brands, Pinterest is one of the top social platforms, and is one of the top search engines, after Google and YouTube. Here's some quick stats on Pinterest and its users: