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Twitter is a highly effective tool for identifying leads and driving better traffic to your website. Increasing your Twitter followers will lead to a broader online presence, but it can also be a vital tool for business development. Focusing on the right followers and paying attention to your followers can really help any business learn and grow.

Here are four important strategies to help increase your followers and improve your Twitter account in under 15 minutes.


Evaluate Your Profile

This may sound simple, but making sure your Twitter profile is up to date is crucial. This involves having on your profile a precise bio description, link to your business, and current photo or logo. Before building your followers you have to make evaluate if your account is ready to move forward.


Follow the Right People 

It’s important to have goals and know the reason why you are on wanting to reach a bigger audience on Twitter. Are you trying to find business leads? Or are you striving to become a thought leader in your industry?  No matter what your reasons its important to spend time thinking your goals and objectives. Once defined, it will help provide a lens to navigate Twitter.

For example if you in the travel industry, following potential prospects, similar travel accounts, or hyper local blogs attract the right people to your account.

Engagement is a key in any account. Try to spend sometime every week retweeting other profiles, replying to other accounts with a “thank you” or a general question. This aids in making your account look active.

When you follow the right people you have an opportunity to learn and be challenged in your industry. Approaching Twitter as a learner can develop your company and employees.


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Unfollow the Wrong People

Many Twitter accounts approach following people as an all out blitz. Having a huge amount of followers along with a huge list of people followed can be a real turnoff. This can be unattractive to the people that are your most important connections.

Unfollowing people will help you regulate your account but also filter the information you receive in your feed.


These are some suggestions on how to determine who to unfollow.

-Post too much. This can muddy up your timeline and limit your ability to track and follow your leads' updates.

-Duplicate material from other accounts. These accounts are usually run by spam bots for SEO benefits and aren't real people.

-Too many retweets. Accounts that retweet too much are indiscriminate about their content and and purely for increasing their own exposure.

Spend two hours every week removing profiles that fit this criteria.


Sharing Quality Content

Think about the content you are creating and sharing. Accounts that share helpful and insightful content are most likely to be retweeted and followed. Remember, you may a short window to delight your followers with content, every post matters.

If you come with a posture of helping your followers and providing quality content that will be mutually beneficial for your account and people who follow you.


All of these suggestions are great ways to reach a bigger audience on Twitter without investing money. However, this may sound overwhelming for you people or your businesses.

If you don’t have the time to pursue your Twitter goals it might be worth hiring a social media manager to implement growth in your account. In the end, growing your Twitter followers will have great benefit for you and your business.


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