Simple Steps to Warming Up a Cold Call


Nobody likes receiving a cold call and honestly, no salesperson likes making the cold call either.  There is no upside to a cold call from any angle you look at it.  So let’s make this first step simple - Stop cold calling.

So what do you do instead?  You got it - Warm calls.  Take the age-old, ineffective cold call, warm it up a bit, and track the responses you begin to receive.  Here are a few simple steps to warming up a cold sales call. 

1 - Do your research! 

Salespeople who research their prospect before making the call will have enough information to build some real rapport and connect to their prospect. This easy intro allows you to be able to quickly arrive at specific pain points.  Knowing some information about the company and its employees’ roles will give you the confidence you need to show genuine concern about your prospects' specific problems, as well as be in a better position to freely offer help and guidance while you're in the call.

2 - Make your conversation personal

Being over-friendly is about as disruptive as being completely detached over the phone. Make sure you approach the first few seconds on the phone with confidence. You will need a personal touch in your voice to get past the gatekeeper, so talk to the other person with respect and keep it light-hearted. Don't attack the gatekeeper! When there is a gatekeeper that answers the call, speak confidently as though the person that you are trying to reach is your best friend.

3 - Know what you are going to say

You want to add value but you also want to respect your prospects time by getting to the point as well. Have a cold call script or an outline written down, and don't be shy about taking a left turn if that's where the conversation is naturally going. You don't need to give your prospects an elevator pitch when they answer the phone, and you shouldn't be reading from a script, but do come to the call prepared and well-rehearsed. Use some of the data from your contact management system, or look at your marketing metrics and find out if this prospect has visited your website or read any of your blog. Coming to the call prepared will go a long way and make the remainder of the call go much more smoothly.

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4 - Add value

You've finally built some rapport and are now into the part of the conversation where your prospect is opening up and sharing their issues. Take this time to add value to your prospect's day. If you've already done your research, you should have 3-4 points of value that you can pull from to enhance their business and that will address their pains and needs.  Make sure and ask good, open-ended questions that get your prospect talking, which allows you to truly understand where your company can provide a solution. Most importantly, take the role of a consultant, not a salesperson and continually add value to the conversation.

Remember they are human, and so are you, so approach your prospect with the same enthusiasm and respect that you'd want. Listen to your prospect and allow them to fill in the natural pauses. Be sure and add value, speak to a couple of pain points, and then set a firm appointment for follow up call where you can dig in a little deeper. Remember, you don't have to cover everything in this call! The next call could be the best lead you have to work with, and all because you warmed up the initial cold call.  Be confident, be human, and do your research!

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