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Dec 17

5 Ways Social Media Can Drastically Affect Your Attorney SEO


The power of social media as a global influence cannot be discounted, especially for lawyers and attorneys. Many of your prospective clients start their day opening up their favorite social networking sites to tune in to what’s hot and trending. Social media has become the primary source of information for many people, and it’s an open venue waiting to be exploited for law practices. For an..

Dec 17

99% of Websites for Lawyers Suck. Here's Why.

Does your website suck? If you're a lawyer, the answer might be yes. But do you know the reason why it's so terrible?

Most websites for lawyers are missing the #1 most important thing. It amazes us every day when we do research for potential clients and come across sites that are completely off target and causing the law firm to literally leave thousands of dollars on the table.

How are 99% of..

Dec 15

The Simplest Way to Grow My Law Firm Online


Local attorneys and law firms are always looking for ways to expand business online and bring in new clients. With over 1.2 million attorneys in the United States, it can be challenging to get your firm noticed, even if you only practice in one city or location. We speak with local attorneys every week who ask us "how can I grow my law form online?". 

There are hundreds of different opinions..