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Dec 15

What is Cost of Customer Acquisition?

If you are a successful professional marketer, optimism is probably one of your greatest assets. You know how to dream up a new product, build a team, bring it through the various stages of development, and probably even market it. You know how to make a product you believe in, and get others to believe in it too. What may not be at the forefront of your mind, and is often overlooked by..

Oct 23

[Help Guide] - Reach a Bigger Audience on Twitter in 15 Minutes


Twitter is a highly effective tool for identifying leads and driving better traffic to your website. Increasing your Twitter followers will lead to a broader online presence, but it can also be a vital tool for business development. Focusing on the right followers and paying attention to your followers can really help any business learn and grow.

Here are four important strategies to help..

Oct 17

Does Outsourcing Cost More or Less Than Hiring In-House?


Do you often feel slammed with work and wonder if your time could be used more wisely by focusing on what’s most important to grow your business? Or you could use some outside help that doesn’t warrant having a full­time employee? Whether it’s those time­consuming tasks or work that you know you’re not an expert at, why not spend time on what matters most and outsource the rest?



Oct 15

Facebook For Business? 7 Ways to Improve Your Page


Yeah, we know. Everyone, including your grandmother (* le sigh), is on Facebook now. But this is actually a good thing if you're trying to reach a wider audience with your online marketing strategy. The "social network" has become a way for businesses to reach millions more customers than they would have, and share your brand with a new audience. So here's how to improve your Facebook page and..

Oct 12

Using Twitter for Business? Increase Followers Without Paying For Them


Twitter can be a powerful business tool, and having an active following can improve your online marketing strategy. In fact, studies show that over a third of marketers have gotten a customer from Twitter. When properly using Twitter for business, you can share information about your brand, establish yourself as an industry expert, and be in direct contact with your customers and potential..